Managing Re-Entry

PV Departure

A winter break is a wonderful thing, but re-entry to work requires careful balancing.

The problem with a winter break is that the work world continues at its constant pace. In the summer, everything slows down. When you can take some time away from work, most others are doing likewise. But winter breaks are less common. Most people continue to generate items for your to-do list at a good clip.

The risk is that frantic activity will undo the benefits of the break.

The solution is pacing and my primary tool is making lists.

    • Lists provide the big picture of what needs to be done.

    • Lists allow an overview, describing the scope of challenges.

    • Lists allow you to shift items around, reflecting their priority.

    • Some items are urgent, some items are important; some items are both.

    • Electronic lists have the advantage of reminder alerts.

    • Post-it lists have the advantage of simplicity. And resilience during power outages.

This post was on my list; today was the deadline. And here it is!

The Point

Whatever the format, managing lists at a sustainable pace allows you to remember the sunshine.

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