The Shared Quality of Burnout & Engagement

Social Climate & Burnout

For the most part, people working together on hospital units get along well. On some units, the social climate of the team is exceptionally good. On a minority of units, relationships are strained with low levels of civility and psychological safety, leaving people feeling isolated and at risk.

The graph shows the link of social climate and job burnout. Social climate has four levels: Very Good, Good, Not So Good, and Bad.

    • Exhaustion and cynicism are very high for the Bad Groups.

    • The differences among Very Good, Good, Not So Good are noticeable but smaller.

    • The Very Good groups score quite low on inefficacy, meaning they experience an especially high level of efficacy as a team.

Main Points:

    • Feeling burned out is a shared strain

    • Feeling engaged is a shared joy.


  1. Dear Dr. Leiter:

    Your post is very useful to me to illustrate a presentation that I’m about to make to our Chief Director, before a burnout evaluation.

    The personal perception of such wor environment, sometimes is accompainesd wiht a feeling of helpness also shared by the team according with their personal skills to cope with.

    Kind Regards

    1. Heriberto
      I am so pleased that this post is useful to you. It is so important to develop the team culture. It is a core element of everyone’s experience of their workplace. Developing that culture is the best investment you can make.

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