2 Reasons Why Clear Values Save Time & Energy

High quality work performance consumes time and energy.

In a work world that demands high quality performance, people cannot squander the resources they have available. People have a limited supply of both. Feeling energetic is a precious thing. It should really be a clue to make the most of that moment.

Long before total exhaustion sets in, subtle bits of fatigue start eroding the potential for top performance.

So, Get Focused!

Easier said than done. Getting focused and staying focused require two things, and they are both tough to do consistently.

The first thing is clear values.

Focusing energy requires knowing what really is very important and what is not quite so important. It is pretty easy to distinguish between:

(a) delivering a presentation to the executive team and

(b) playing minesweeper.

What is much more challenging is sorting through a list of tasks, all of which are important.

The second thing is decision making.

Just identifying the most important task only gets to Step One. Actually accomplishing something requires putting that choice into action. It means devoting time and energy to that activity without regret or distractions.

Getting clear on values includes individuals but goes beyond them to the workgroup and the organization.

Individuals can feel more confident in their values when they know what really matters to their workgroup or to their organization.

Individuals can make better decisions when operating in a work environment that supports decisive action.

Building resilient workplaces requires progress on all of these levels as noted in the previous post. Future posts will explore how to bring that about.

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