5 Dimensions of Improving Worklife Resilience

A healthy worklife only works as collaboration.

The organization, the workgroup, the network of working relationships, and individual employees all have a stake in workplace health. No one part of the mix calls the shots.

Solutions result from working together.

The CREW program has brought that point home time and again. To take action on workplace civility requires a process that brings together talent, resources, and good intentions from across the spectrum.

• Senior management commits resources to pursuing respect as a core value,

• Middle management identifies participating units,

• A workgroup agrees to actively participate in CREW process,

• Individuals from other organizational units contribute as facilitators,

• Individuals within participating units take an active role in the process.

All of these elements have to be in place to support a process of improving civility and respect at work. Individuals cannot improve their relationships all by themselves. When the most important issues lie between people, resolution becomes a shared project.

The theme for these posts for the coming year is exploring ways in which these diverse elements of organizational life can fit together to produce healthy work environments that support both individual and organizational resilience.

What has made a difference in your work life?


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