Back to Work!

It is the start of a new year. For many this means a new quarter or a new fiscal year. It is a time of resolutions and fresh starts. It is also the time when many of us are returning to our desks after the holidays. We’ve eaten, we’ve visited with family and friends, and we’ve been merry. Now it is time to get back to work.

For most of us, this is a three day week which helps soften the blow of returning to the office but there still seems to be some disagreement about whether it is better to ease back into work routines or whether it makes more sense to just jump in with both feet. Is it a terrible idea to pack January 2 full of meetings or will putting them off merely cause more problems later?

On one hand, it makes sense to start the New Year off with a vengeance. You are hopefully well rested after the New Year’s Eve/Day break and there is something to be said for starting off the year at the pace you hope to sustain throughout the next twelve months.

On the other hand, trying to hold on to a bit of a holiday mood might not be a bad thing. Maybe the holidays allowed you to have more of a work/family balance in your life and you want to try leaving the office a little earlier in the coming weeks. In addition, many people have harried holidays full of hosting, preparations, and travel. They might look at January 2 as a time to slow things down a bit and have a little time to themselves.

Personally, I tend to err on the side of jumping in with both feet. I like to get things done and there is never more time later. I think there can be value to either approach and hope that everybody takes a moment to make a conscious choice about their philosophy. Both approaches are better than simply dragging yourself to the office bemoaning the return to work!

How about you?

Are you planning to start the year off with a bang or try to stay in holiday mode just a little bit longer?

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