Re-engaging After a Break

For many industries the summer represents the low season in their business cycle. Schools close down, corporations are reluctant to initiate any major deals, and even the healthcare industry seems quieter as vacation time makes doctors hesitant to schedule elective procedures until the weather starts to cool.

For people fortunate enough to have this type of downtime, the summer is usually a time of having 50% of their minds on work and the other 50% on the beach or the cottage. This is not necessarily a bad thing. People are reinvigorated from a change of scenery and this can have positive effects for both themselves and their workplace.

However, it can be a hard transition to the regular pace of things when September arrives. Below are some tips for making this switch a little bit easier.

    1. Take some time during your downtime to acknowledge your own personal struggles with the busier time of year and try to identify some solutions. For example, if you find it difficult to get out the door on time when it’s dark in the mornings, think about systems you can put in place, like laying your clothing out the night before or turning the bedroom light on the FIRST alarm instead of hitting snooze, to make this process easier.

    2. Take a page from the books of teachers and students everywhere and treat September like a new beginning. Resolve to take a risk and do something different like signing up for an adult education class or parting your hair on the opposite side.

    3. Think about, or even write down, the things that you like about this time of year. This can be the advantages of your more predictable schedule or the benefits of having all your co-workers around instead of away on various vacations or things relating to the season and time of year like the cooler nights, apple picking, or the return of new shows on network television.

    4. Maintain a bit of the summer throughout the year. Yes you are much busier and work has to occupy a bit more of your brain but, carve out a little piece that will stay with your family, or on your triathalon split times, or on your trip up north to see the leaves change color.

Did you get some downtime this summer?

How are you re-engaging in your work after a break?

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