Innovation over Resolution

The New Year brings with it something of downer.

New Year’s resolutions are usually framed as self-improvement through self-discipline. People resolve to forsake their slovenly ways and to institute righteous regimes to improve their health, appearance, business acumen, or just basic goodness. These are usually admirable goals although their success rate is ragged. The morning radio program on 3 January is interviewing people who have already fallen short of their resolution for the year.

An alternative is to innovate rather than resolve.

Instead of (or in addition to) setting targets for diet, exercise, or productivity, identify something you can add to your life. To really have an impact, it needs to be an activity that develops a new dimension to your life or your relationships. The most far reaching would spark creativity.

Innovation can be small scale, building on your existing talents: learning a new tune; preparing a new recipe. It can build into a large scale project: redoing a room or learning to make ceramics. Starting with small steps is always a good idea.

An advantage of innovation is that as soon as you start, you’ve achieved a success. People often phrase resolutions such that one slip up is a failure. A success is so much more uplifting. It inspires greater things.

Happy New Year!

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  1. I loved this blog. It made me feel creative just reading it and thinking of small things I could try. The idea that a new small thing could be a seed for something bigger is exciting.

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