Giving Thanks

American Thanksgiving is coming up this week and Americans are gearing up for a day of turkey eating and football watching. Many Americans are also looking at the more literal meaning of thanksgiving and in schools and around dinner tables people are reflecting on what or for whom they are thankful in their lives.

Thanksgiving is an ideal time to reflect on the things or people in your life that make you grateful. The accompanying day off from work can also give you the opportunity to reflect from afar on the people you work with every day.

Think about the employees who can take a task and run with it or those who simply make your life easier by making sure the coffee is put on every morning. Think about the co-worker whose door is always open for an afternoon download session or the one who is able to help take your germ of an idea and help you turn it into something great.

On Monday (or even before then!), make a point to seek each of those people out and let them know that you are thankful for them. You don’t need to give a long cheesy speech, simply tell them thank you. Too often we take the people in our lives for granted and all it takes is a simple thank you to show that we notice that people care.

Even if you do not celebrate American Thanksgiving, perhaps it would be a good opportunity to acknowledge the people in your worklife who make you grateful. There’s no reason this can’t be an international week of thanks!

Who are you most grateful to in your worklife?

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  1. Personally, I agree whit this point. When somebody tells me that nobody takes her (or him) into account and if they can’t find a reason to go on, I ask them about common people that make their daily sense of stability. Anonymous people at work whom we barely know the name or nickname make us feel that everything is in it’s place and we’re safe… until they fault. Well, we’re all part of those anonymous people and maybe we’re all part of somebody’s safety, the problem is to say it to each other. Let’s get out of anonimity saying ¡Thanks!

    ¡Thanks Dr. Leiter!

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