What Qualities Do You Most Value in a Boss?

There are certainly some terrible supervisors out there in the world and some absolutely wonderful bosses as well but most fall somewhere in the middle with a range of both good and bad qualities.

The new poll seeks to identify which of those positive qualities are most valued by employees (keep checking back to the blog for our inevitable followup poll about the worst negative qualities!)

Are you most impressed by consistency or do moments of extreme generosity outweigh low moments of bad tempers? Does flexibility when you want to leave early for an appointment make up for the fact that your boss can rarely keep her own calendar straight?

Ideally supervisors would have all of the positive qualities listed in the survey but that’s generally an impossible dream. However, certain qualities are more important to some people than others. Some qualities also go further to make up for those negative aspects of a supervisor’s personality.

The poll on the sidebar to the left seeks to find out which qualities are most important to our readers.

Of course if there are any great qualities you think are missing from the list, mention them in the comments section and we will amend the list!

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