Good Influences?

Coworkers influence each other in myriad ways – happy and efficient workers inspire their compatriots to perform their best while miserable people who are counting the hours through the day beget similarly unhappy coworkers. A less obvious but also important way coworkers can influence each other is in the realm of health and wellness.

At Alice’s company, people are always emailing out to gather a group to participate in a local fun runs, and groups of coworkers have thrown together impromptu hockey, flag football, and softball games. At Betsy’s company, candy is found at every desk and the only bonding done between coworkers is done over cocktails.

Both Alice and Betsy have good relationships with their coworkers and enjoy spending time with them both at and outside of work. Both also like fitness and try to maintain healthy lifestyles. Alice, however, is able to integrate these interests into her worklife. She therefore does not need to choose between going for a run after work and hanging out with her coworkers.

Betsy, on the other hand, treats her work lifestyle and her healthy lifestyle as two distinct things – both separated from and often at odds with each other. When she tries to cut down on her sugar intake she is tempted with delicious treats on every desk; when she talks about the road race she is looking forward to, she is met with blank stares.

People are happiest when they feel like the various aspects of their life are in harmony. Encouraging a healthy lifestyle at work helps people feel like their personal goals and their work goals are advancing together. This can result in a happier and healthier workplace all around.

Is health and wellness a priority at your workplace?

Are you influenced to adopt healthier habits by your coworkers or do they bring you down?

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