Getting in on the Action?

The Stanley Cup finals are taking place right now. Both the Boston Bruins and the Vancouver Canucks hail from cities that take hockey seriously and tributes to the teams can be seen everywhere from public parks to business’s own logos.

As this is a major event in these towns, some businesses are wondering how much to acknowledge and accommodate the impact on their employees. For example, in Vancouver where the games start at 5 p.m., should employees be allowed to leave work a little bit early to catch the puck drop? Should a company display a large “Go Bruins” banner in their stairwell during the series?

Sports are in many ways an ideal rallying point in organizations. Unlike religious or cultural holidays large sporting events do not come with a lot of baggage. Not everybody is a sports fan but it’s unlikely to be an ideological hot button within a company. In addition, even if one’s team loses, the competition and particularly the lead up to the competition, is still exciting and exhilarating.

If you live in one of these cities, this might be a good opportunity to get in on the action and help turn your employees’ good feelings toward the home team into good feelings toward your organization. Maybe you can encourage employees to wear their jerseys into work on the day of the big game, put on a contest to guess how many goals will be scored in the series, or even host a viewing party at a nearby sports bar.

Do you think sporting events can help bring people in your organization together?

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