Boundaries at Home

To a certain extent the amount of sharing that happens at home depends on the type of job and the amount of confidentiality required. People who work in fields such as healthcare, law enforcement, and an increasing number of other professions are required, either by law or contract, to limit what they say about the things or people they work with. Even with these restrictions however, there are still ways for people to share their work dilemmas and woes with their support network. Most rules do allow people to discuss work in general terms or using aliases so where one falls on the spectrum of sharing depends much more on their personalities and relationships than external regulations.

This is a blog about work relationships, not romantic or familial ties but work occupies a large percentage of the average person’s waking hours and, even in a good job, is the cause of a significant amount of stress so being able to discuss work at home goes a long way to making one happier at work and in life. Therefore it is important to find a way to discuss work at home but you also must establish clear boundaries based on the dynamic at home. This involves determining both your comfort level with discussing work and your family/friend’s level of tolerance for listening to it.

How do you decide how much of your worklife to share at home?

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