Sustaining Gains

Our latest survey of our CREW project has delivered some great insights on the sustainability of change.

Positive experiences persist. Our groups that shows a marked increase in civility, respect, commitment, and work engagement through CREW continue to report positive scores on these measures a year after CREW.

Negative experiences are more volatile. A few measures did slide a bit over that time. They included coworker incivility and the use of rudeness rationales. These qualities decrease while groups are participating in CREW, but a year later, they’ve gone up a bit: not up to the pre-CREW levels, but heading in that direction.

First line management is critical. Increases in supervisor incivility were a powerful predictor of employee disengagement from the work. Rude behavior by the team leader makes a damaging statement about the team’s culture.

A clear message from the data is that employees are looking for a respectful social environment at work. When they find those qualities, they resonate with the environment and help to perpetuate it. When they encounter discord, it throws them a bit. They look to their leaders to help them to navigate the demands of strained social environments at work.

When the leader becomes a source of discord, things fall apart.

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