What Gets You Out of Bed?

We have closed the poll on what gets you out of bed in the morning. The survey attempted to figure out what the motivating factors are for people to go out in the world and do their jobs every day. By far the most popular answer was the thought that doing so will lead to better things in the future (47% of responses). This response could be read in a couple different ways. On the one hand it could mean that our survey participants are optimistic people who are always looking forward. On the other hand, we could read these results to indicate that our respondents are not currently enjoying their jobs and are on the lookout for better days ahead.

In either case the results indicate that respondents were more focused on their futures than their presents and possibly more motivated by hoped for long term payoffs as opposed to instant gratification. Research on goal setting emphasizes that self-set goals are the best motivators.

Interestingly interacting with co-workers received only 4% of the votes, which raises the question of whether coworker relationships are unimportant to our respondents or if the relationships that currently exist are less than ideal.

The responses in the middle of the pack with 20%, 16% and 13% of the vote respectively were: interacting with clients/constituents, the tasks I have in front of me, and the paycheck I will receive. Surprisingly the paycheck was near the bottom of the list of priorities. It could be the case that while paychecks are certainly important that the connection between money and career is not something that many people think about on a daily basis.

Do you find these results to be surprising?

What follow-up questions come to mind?

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