What About Your Work Has the Power to Totally Absorb Your Attention?

We recently closed results on our poll on what tasks have the power to totally engage your attention. Unsurprisingly, the most popular result, at 56.3% was tasks that you thoroughly enjoy.

The least popular answer was tasks that make you look good, at only 2.5%. The disparity between the most and least selected answers implies that our responders are more motivated by internal factors than by external validation.

The answers in the middle, tasks with a close deadline (16.3%), tasks that you worry about (12.5%), and tasks that you share with other people (also 12.5%), had a combined total of fewer votes than the most popular answer. Those responses are also largely influenced by external forces as opposed to those stemming from one’s own hopes and dreams.

From the perspective of a manager this may initially seem disheartening because it implies that nothing you can do will increase your employees’ engagement with their tasks, but this is not the case. The results show that people work best at tasks that they enjoy and to which they are well suited. Therefore, your job as a manager is to make the best match between employee and task. This requires knowledge of your employees strengths and weaknesses as well as what makes they happy. Taking an interest in what makes your people tick can yield increased engagement at work which, in turn, will reap benefits for you in the form of increased efficiency.


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